Circus Krone

For my wife's birthday her sister and I decided to plan a few secrets and fly her over from England to surprise Ruth on the day before. The day of her birthday we went out for coffee and of course went shopping, but the main event of the afternoon was a surprise by taking her to Circus Krone here in N├╝rnberg. Circus Krone is claimed to be Europes largest circus with over 80 animals and almost 3 hours of entertainment. I didn't know what to expect, but Circus Krone blew me away with their production, lights, atmosphere, and the acting and performance. It felt good to be a little kid again and awe at how have they trained sea lions, elephants, camels, etc to do tricks. 

Fortunately I was able to get some good portraits of the people who worked there. I realized Circus Krone travels all over Europe and carries a wide range of nationalities with them. I believe none of these guys could speak proper German but they understood what I wanted!