Homeless in Hamburg Series for Sale

I am selling my series called "Homeless in Hamburg". Since living right around the corner from Boesner, I have bought really nice frames and passepartout's, or mats, for my darkroom prints. I am selling the series for 500 Euros or $670. The perk is that 100 Euros or $135 will go to Jesus Center in St. Pauli area of Hamburg, located a few steps away from where these photos were taken. 

When I was with these guys for a few days, everyday they would go to Jesus Center to receive one free hot meal and coffee. It was really convenient and a huge help for them to actually be guaranteed one hot meal daily. I want to give a part of my sales to Jesus Center for them doing such an amazing job at helping the homeless or street people of St. Pauli in Hamburg. 

Physical Print : 8x10 in. / 20x25 cm silver gelatin print, printed in a darkroom by Taylor Pool.

Frame : 12x16 in. / 30x40 cm frame with passepartout/mat, with framing glass.

Photos : Taken with a Mamiya RZ67 and Kodak TMAX 400 film

Shipping : Worldwide, Shipping price not included.

Series : 500 Euros / $670 + Shipping (100 Euros / $135 to Jesus Center)

Individual Print : 120 Euros / $160 + Shipping (20 Euros / $27 to Jesus Center)

Payment : PayPal, Wire Transfer (European & American), Cash in person, or Check via snail mail.

The rest of the 400 Euros from this sale will go towards buying a new camera that I've had my eye on for the past year; the Fuji GSW690II. This camera is a 6x9in medium format camera. It is a camera that I will not need to use a tripod for and way easier for traveling and documentary style photographs. I am very excited to invest into another medium format analog camera that is hand held and more portable. 

I will guarantee complete satisfaction with these framed darkroom prints. Although it is not your usual photo series to hang in your house or office, it will still bring up great conversation with passerby's and guests. You will also receive a full printed out history of the photo series and why I spent three days with these guys. 

Please contact me via my "Contact" page on the website if you're interested.

Thank you very much and I ask that you help me receive my new camera and help the Jesus Center in Hamburg, Germany!