I took these portraits in 2012 when visiting my Grandma in Oklahoma. I've only known my grandparents to have lived in this same house in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. You can see a few portraits of my Grandpa in "Portraits", but here are a few portraits from Memaw that I feel that aren't up to par to put officially on my site. Unfortunately one has some light leaks and the others are not properly in focus, or the lighting was too strong. I used her reading lamp as lighting for some of these. A timeless memory for me is when I always visited them we would purposefully wake up around 5:30am to sit on the porch with them as they smoked cigarettes, had blankets around our legs, read a daily devotional or caught up on life, then having the infamous "Papa's Breakfast". Following in the evening we would always play card games around the dinner table and most likely watch Fiddler On The Roof.