Jack & Alice

Here's to my first blog post! Excited to share random stories and photos with you. I want to keep my website albums with the best quality of photos to present. With my blog I'm able to share the ones that aren't top notch but that I still enjoy.  

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

I'll dedicate my first blog post to two friends Ruth and I made on our honeymoon in Marrakech, Morocco; Jack & Alice.

Pretty simple story... Ran into Jack at a ping pong tourney at the hotel we were staying at and from that point on we got to know them. One day we all decided to ride quads/four wheelers together for the afternoon. It was an absolute (sand) blast! Rode out of the city into small villages and stopped for tea and cakes in someones home. 50km trip total on the quads. Here's a few photos from our time with Jack & Alice. 

Jack on the balcony of his hotel room.

On our quad trip, stopped for a short break.

Tea and cakes in a village outside of Marrakech. 

Here's the lovely couple themselves. Dirty as ever after riding for 25km in the desert like terrain.

It was definitely good to get to know these two knowing that when we visit England next we have some friends to travel to in Birmingham, and they can come visit us in N├╝rnberg. Thanks guys for some great fun on our holiday!