Norway is a dream come true. The fjords are hard to take in because you know you won't see them for awhile once you're gone. Misty mornings and brisk weather brought me a sense of wanting to be out more than in. The people who traveled from around the world for this wedding made more than half the experience the scenery did. I believe there were about 27 guests total at this wedding, and you could truly feel the family warmth with this small group of people. 

Corey and Heidi married in a 700 year old Viking church on an island in the fjords, about a 10 min drive from Heidi's house. I feel that it's unfortunate that I'm only able to bring you 15 finished photos from this trip, but it'll have to do and will require a trip back to Balestrand.

My absolute favorite photo from this trip is the photo below, of Corey and Heidi walking to the end of the strip of land. Not being able to see their faces with the fog and mist over the mountains, for me, gives a feeling of them walking into some kind of eternity; something that you would see at the end of a movie as the credits begin to roll. You don't know where they're actually going and you're unsure if it's a joyous moment or a saddening one. Obviously it's the day of their wedding so therefore it's joyous, but outside of the context of a wedding I feel like you can interpret this photo in many ways. Is it an ending or a beginning? A possible new adventure, or a kiss farewell to a closing chapter. 

If you would like to see the official wedding photos of Corey & Heidi, please visit the talented Miss Kaitlyns website by clicking here.