The Tefts

I had the privilege of photographing my two dear friends, Josiah and Kristen Teft, to show the public how far along Kris is in her pregnancy. This was technically my second time doing pregnancy photos, but my first full photo session. My first time was at a wedding in 2009 and I took a single portrait of a pregnant women, but that's about it. This time around I had to do a little "research" as to see what direction I wanted to go in pregnancy photography. I've seen a lot of cheesy, gross, kitschy photos that I didn't want to set myself up in while shooting. I realized I wanted to start from shooting a silhouette, her in front of a window, and go from there to see what happens. I'm happy with what came out, but not completely satisfied. I didn't realize until developing the film that I underexposed while shooting or while developing. Therefore the photos are more grey and grainy than I expected. 

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First portraits I've shot with my Canon 1N.

Here's my first pregnancy photo I took in 2009 of Caroline.