One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary for my wife and I! I won't write too much on this blog post. The main thing I want to share is all the memories, friends, and family that we were so blessed to be with on our special day. So far none of you have seen these photographs except family. It wasn't our intention to wait a full year before showing you, but it just happened to be that way. Well, I hope as you look through you will be reminded of how special that day was for many of us. It was a time for friends from all around the world to gather for a few short days and at the end of it all we travel off back to our homes in the States, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands, and England. Let's celebrate again as we look through the photos! Feel free to share these photos on your FB timeline or anything. All credit goes to the amazing photographer Dorien Scheltens. Please visit her website.