Whitby Folk Week

Almost every year my wife's family travels from Grimsby to Whitby, England to attend what's called the "Whitby Folk Week." Many folk dance groups, music groups, and "folkies" from all over England come for this week's celebration of Traditional Folk culture to keep it alive and running. During this week you're able to attend many workshops on how to play certain instruments, learn folk dances and steps, and watch live bands and attend ceilidhs. 

This year was my first year attending this infamous festival my wife talked about for many years. Although I've been around the "folk world" before in Grimsby, this was an exciting experience to see more teams, dances, and go on a family vacation together. 

The town of Whitby is an astonishing small quirky town. Whitby is a seaside town known for it's history in lifeboat and rescue services, the Abbey standing alone on a tall hill, and it's many festivals that it holds annually. 

One day I took a walk down the pier to take in the different perspectives of Whitby and the seaside. I saw this father and son fishing, along with other 20 people from what it seemed, quite the busy day. I found it a great opportunity to take this mans photo. He seemed in his element and the setting was perfect. Ended up he was also from Grimsby and here on a fishing holiday rather than attending the Folk Week. A few weeks later he contacted me via my website and I was able to send him the portraits of him and his son. I always enjoy when I can give the "strangers" a great photo. More so when this father and son are on a fishing trip and I captured this moment for them. 

Hope you enjoy the photos from Whitby and are able to feel the magic of Whitby in them. It's definitely the dreamy British town you often think of or see in movies honestly. Thanks for reading and my next blog will be about Budapest and Los Angeles.