Taylor Pool / The Developing Tank is here to help photographers to advance their skill and knowledge in photography, take you from being “alone” and into a team that’s online and in person, and to develop a circle where we can share, critique, and learn from one another on a regular basis.

Taylor has taught public workshops, private lessons, and been invited to teach since 2018. He has had years of experience working with voluntary schools that focus on photography by teaching large groups of students in the darkroom and on the field in other countries. In 2018 he decided to create something more exclusive and personal to people who want to learn about the darkroom process and experience. Since 2005, he has had experience in traditional darkroom printing and processing, and 2018 he has expanded in other techniques such as the lith printing process and pinhole photography.

The Developing Tank has hosted workshops in :
Istanbul, Turkey (2017)
Budapest, Hungary (2018)
Florence, Italy (2018)
Nuremberg, Germany (2018)
Florence, Italy (2018)
Budapest Hungary (2019)

Taylor Pool has taught publicly in :
York, England (3 day teaching, 2018)
Harpenden, England (5 day teaching, 2019)